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The Applied Physics and Engineering Course, through education in both the basics and in real-world applications of physics, is aimed at generating new graduates with broad perspectives and flexible thinking.

Research fields

Light & Sound

Willing waves as you wish


How weird is your shape?


How complex can you get?

New Matter

Create new crystals and materials!


Semiconductors galore!


Applied Physics covers everything from cosmic to atomic scales, from classical to quantum systems, from solid matter such as metals and semiconductors to soft matter such as polymers and liquid crystals, and from substances with well-understood properties to those with surprising symmetries that defy common sense. To a curious mind, Applied Physics expands endlessly!


quantum mechanics, superconductor, semiconductor, metal, crystal, liquid crystal, quasicrystal, polymer, phase transition, biophysics, nanotechnology, optics, laser physics, acoustics, astronomy, electron microscope, local probe microscopy, phonon, fractal, topology, simulation.